Today’s College Radio Pick-o-da-day from Penn State University, The Lion 90.7 FM is the PREMIERE of:

 Crystal Seth’sThe Labyrinth" ft. Bubba Sparxxx

It’s a righteous chill tune accompanied by some cute-as-heck-dope white girl dancing. 

Crystal Seth had this to say:

I did a show with Bubba in Williamsport, PA last winter at a club called Synergy - during my performance him and his manager, Bobby Stamps, saw potential in me. Our camp reached out to Bubba, he reached back. I actually had this song made before I ever knew it was going to be a collaborative effort between Bubba and I - but I struggled to complete the song because I felt that I said everything I had to say on it. It was destiny, Bubba was the perfect fit. The song is basically me asking questions about life, and including some of my personal experience and perception of life so far as a young adult just venturing into the world. 

When I gave Bubba the track I told him one thing. To simply to answer my questions, and he did.

The lion 90.7 fm is hosting their top 10 videos all this week starting tomorrow on mtvu and

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